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Full tendering capability and analytics of bids - ensuring accuracy and measurability

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Real-time Audit

The failure of every contract that we have measured over the last 15 years has started with the tender that is issued. Our tender software ensures that spend discovery/data cleanse and approval and baseline creation is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. We deal with core and tail spend in a fully leveraged approach.

Our high degree of granularity ensures that your contract rates will be future proofed and enables real-time benefit measure on all transactions.

Our cost tools can enable thousands of calculations, identifying bid errors and competitiveness of each supplier for every element.

Our tender software can integrate with your procurement software and either be used as the supplier-facing system or behind your technology.

Most major print companies are used to working with us and we have a very high bid compliance due to our industry background and relationships. 


We can manage full question, answer and scoring or, in a simpler format, perform benchmark or renegotiation exercises.

As soon as a tender is populated, the results can be viewed in many ways to enable optimum decision whether you want one supplier or 100 suppliers.

Once negotiation is concluded, instant price calculation is enabled either in your technology or in one that we can provide.

The use of our tender tools software includes a significant amount of advice and can be connected to our consulting capability, which draws on 15 years' of experience of running some of the largest tenders in the print sector.